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Here’s how to get your seedlings started before heading outdoors:

• Fill any small containers with soil (such as small cups with holes poked in the bottom for drainage or plastic starter containers).

• Plant one seed per container (more if using larger containers) so it has adequate room to grow.

• Read each seed package to learn proper depth to plant and be sure to label each container with what is planted.

• Pro Tip: You can find planting soil and a large variety of seeds in Big Y stores!

• Cover containers with plastic wrap poked with a few holes for air flow, and store in a warm location away from drafts.

• Keep soil moist. When watering, do so gently so as not to disturb the fragile roots being formed.

• Once plants sprout through the soil, remove plastic covering and move to a bright and sunny location.

• Continue to water plants as needed, keeping them damp but not soaked.

• As risk for frost passes, get seedlings ready to head outdoors. Most experts suggest doing so gradually, by slowly increasing their outdoor exposure for about a week before transplanting. This way, the sprouts will best acclimate to their new environment.

• There are ample choices to choose from when transplanting: into the ground, a raised garden bed or a deck pot. The choice is yours . . . Happy planting!