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Some plants cannot survive cold winter temperatures, but there’s no need to just say farewell to these plants forever! You can repot them and bring them indoors or to a greenhouse for the winter.

Here’s 5 simplified steps:


1. Choose the right pot and location

The first thing you want to do is ensure you have the right size pots for your plants to thrive and be healthy. You also need to find a location that will have a similar sun pattern so the plants can adjust properly. 

2. Buy the right soil

Finally, refresh the soil by scraping an inch or two off the top and adding new soil. This will remove any insect eggs. Then continue move to the next step by carefully checking for pests once a week while your plants are indoors.

3. Treat existing pests:

  • Remember to check for pests, like spider mites and aphids, before bringing your plants indoors. Inspect the tops and bottoms of the leaves, stems, and flowers along with the soil to ensure you don’t have any unwanted guest when you move the plant inside. Look for crawling or flying insects, leaves with holes, scale (brown or tan spots), netting, sticky leaves, and tiny black dots.

4. Inspect and loosen up the roots

Dig up any plants from the garden that you want to bring in. Pot them with fresh potting soil to reduce the risk of any hitchhiking pests. Keep in mind that some plants, like succulents, require a succulent or cactus mix. You may also seize the occasion to refresh the soil of any tender plants that are already in pots. If not, remember to remove any leaf litter and debris that they’ve collected over summer, as these can also harbor insects.   

5. Put your plant in its new home

A nice window or room with lots of light is vital for your plants survival!

Good Luck!