Premium Metal 7-Pattern Dial Nozzle

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• Adjust spray patterns from a wide cone to a powerful stream
• 7-selectable patterns include: Mist, Jet, Shower, Full, Center, Angle & Fan
• Heavy-duty metal construction
• Ergonomic designed nozzle created for longevity, comfortability & ease-of-use

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The Yardsmith Professional 7-Pattern Nozzle is perfect for anyone looking for a high quality, multi-purpose, and versatile watering nozzle for your garden! The 7 spray patterns include: Mist, Jet, Shower, Full, Center, Angle & Fan. Switch between these patterns and this nozzle will deliver spray patterns from a gentle spray for your garden to a powerful spray perfect for clearing away debris. The heavy-duty metal construction ensures this nozzle’s strength, longevity, and durability. For additional customization, the adjustment knob on the nozzle provides you flow control, allowing you to adjust the power of the watering flow. Ergonomically designed with a rear grip trigger provides comfortable handling and effortless control for long term use. This nozzle is an ideal watering solution for any level of gardener!

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