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Get your kids involved in gardening activities! We all know this is an important skill they should learn. Start them early with Yardsmith! Throughout this post we will go over the top 5 reasons you should start teaching your children how to garden. Let’s get to it!

1. Gardening helps kids learn to plan and organize.

Some plants grow better at certain times of the year. Others do well next to another specific plant. Some grow nicely in rows, while others, like wildflower seeds, can be sprinkled around. Gardening is an opportunity to chat with your kids about research and planning. You’ll get to see them grow and develop with their success and failures! No gardening failure is a mistake, only a lesson.





2. Gardening teaches responsibility


Plants require a lot of attention. Learning how to care for them plants properly — from watering to weeding — is a great lesson in responsibility for kids. Especially if they’re not doing well with this responsibility, it will only fuel them to care more (in most cases, we know every child is different) 🙂




3. Gardening encourages healthy eating

Even the pickiest eaters won’t be able to resist trying veggies they’ve cared for and grown themselves! Try it straight out of the garden or cook it together in the kitchen — you might find a new favorite healthy food! This is also a great lesson on self- sustainability and why gardening is important!



4. Gardening enhances fine motor development

Gardening encourages the development of fine motor skills every step of the way, from picking up tiny seeds to gently caring for seedlings and plants.




5. Gardening teaches patience

The time it takes to grow a seed to harvesting your veggies takes weeks, if not months! Gardening is all about patience… and it’s always worth the wait!